HP PageWide Technology Printers Offering Best Of Both Worlds

Undoubtedly PageWide Technology printers are much better performers than the traditional printers. With this technology businesses will have the option to select out of the highly expensive printers as they can now get great quality printouts at much lesser costs. Until the advent of this technology the cheaper alternatives could not deliver the productivity and standards desirable to meet the professional standards. Despite offering low cost output the productivity of inkjet printer is so low that the high cost of laser printers was acceptable for better productivity over a long period of time.

Pros at a glance

  • The printer tray has much higher paper capacity compared to the existing printers.
  • It incorporates Wi-Fi, Ethernet, NFC and Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Can print from a USB stick, mobile devices and even from cloud storage.
  • Uses only cartridges that need replacement allowing lesser downtime and maintenance.
  • Very energy and cost efficient when compared to laser and inkjet printers.

With HP PageWide Technology Printers, the company has managed to amalgamate the benefits of laser and inkjet technology into one. These printers can deliver the productivity equivalent to a laser printer with the print quality of an inkjet printer.  The static page-width print head prints pages of high quality at extremely high speed that can match the demands of any fast paced professional setting. And it makes all this possible without the usual expenses.

Is HP truly reinventing printing technology?

While it can be said that the qualities integrated in HP PageWide Technology Printers are nothing new, but what makes these printers extraordinary is the presence of all the qualities in a single package. It won’t be wrong if HP claims the PageWide Technology printers as, “Reinvention at the intersection of speed, quality and cost”.  It gives high quality printing at great speed, but, at much lower cost of operation.

Any business, whether big or small, seriously considering options to lower operational costs without giving up quality and productivity have a perfect option. These super-efficient printers are really worth the attention, and the time and money spent in making the crucial decision to install these printers will fetch rich rewards.


There is a huge range of HP PageWide Technology Printers made for various business settings. With this new technology HP has managed to do away with the usual obstacles and setbacks related to day-to-day printing, apart from other issues such as frequent repair, maintenance and longer downtimes. These printers can hold ample amount of paper and deliver laser-quality text at a tremendous speed.